Comedy Series, 2013 - 10 Eps x 30 min

In Distribution

Secrets. We all have them.

Especially the Fitzpatricks.

With a new baby in the house – Elaine’s swinging party pad, no less – it’s the perfect time for Larry to dig out the family photo album, empty those boxes in the basement and discover what made the Fitzpatricks the class-A derelicts they are today.

As family skeletons bust out of their closets to tap dance center stage, a toxic, familial game of “Survivor” begins, bringing new meaning to the phrase “keep your enemies close … and hide the coke”. Every new piece of the Fitzpatrick past Larry uncovers sheds more light on the family’s twisted history, fuels the dysfunctional fire between them and, in the end, unearths a nemesis hell-bent on eradicating the Fitzpatricks and their way of life…

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