If you are sending us an original project, please fill out our RELEASE FORM and CONCEPT OUTLINE FORM. Please note that unsolicited projects submitted without both forms will not be considered. Please title your files as follows:

Required documents:
“Surname, First Name – Title of Project – Release – YYYY-MM-DD”
“Surname, First Name – Title of Project – Concept – YYYY-MM-DD”
(Example: “ MacDonald, Malcolm – The Wild Winds – 2016-01-31 ”)

Optional documents (to accompany the Concept and Release):
“Surname, First Name – Title of Project – Script – YYYY-MM-DD”
“Surname, First Name – Title of Project – Mini Bible – YYYY-MM-DD”
“Surname, First Name – CV”
“Surname, First Name – Bio”
“Surname, First Name – News Article” …Etc.

Preferably send .PDF files only; however, Word documents (.DOC and .DOCX formats) will be accepted if necessary.

Please send your submission and forms to Andrea@amazefilm.tv. (Please do not send resumes here soliciting for positions at Amaze)

Please think green and DO NOT send submissions by mail, unless otherwise requested.